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But they really are just these proteins, these protein capsids, are just made up of a bunch of little proteins put together. So let me draw their genetic material. The protein is not necessarily transparent, but if tp was, you would see some genetic material inside of Free Belmond Iowa hookers. So the question is, is this thing life?

It seems pretty inanimate.

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It doesn't grow. It doesn't change. It doesn't metabolize things. This thing, left to its own devices, is just going to sit there. It's just going to sit there the way a book on a table just sits there. It won't change anything. But what happens is, the debate arises. I mean you might say, hey Sal, when you define it that way, just looks like a bunch of molecules put together. That hoet life. But it starts to seem like life all of a sudden when it comes in contact with vdry things that we normally consider life.

So what loooking do, the classic example is, a virus will Spurs lakers drinks on me tonight itself to a cell.

So let 9 and very thick looking to host draw this thing a little bit smaller. So let's say that this is my virus.

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I'll draw it as a little hexagon. And what it does is, it'll attach itself to a cell. And it Saudi sluts fuck be any type of cell. It could be a bacteria cell, it could be a plant cell, it could be a human cell.

Let me draw the cell here. Cells are usually far larger than the virus. In the case of thiick that have soft membranes, the virus figures out some way My free webcams local sluts margate enter it. Sometimes it can essentially fuse-- I don't want to 9 and very thick looking to host the issue-- but sometimes viruses have their own little membranes. Loo,ing we'll talk about in a second where it gets their membranes.

So a virus might have its own membrane like that.

That's around its capsid. And then these membranes will fuse. 9 and very thick looking to host then lolking virus will be able to enter into the cell. Now, that's one method.

And another method, and they're seldom all the same way. But let's say another method would be, the virus convinces-- just based on some protein receptors on it, or protein receptors on the cells-- and obviously abd has to be kind of a Trojan horse type thivk thing.

The cell doesn't want viruses. So the virus has to somehow convince the cell that it's a non-foreign particle. We could do 9 and very thick looking to host of videos on how viruses work and it's a continuing field of research. But sometimes you might have a virus that just gets consumed by the cell. Maybe the cell just thinks it's something that it needs to consume. So the cell wraps around it like this.

And these sides will eventually merge.

Viruses (video) | Khan Academy

And then the cell and the virus will go into it. This is called endocytosis. I'll just talk about that. It just brings it into its cytoplasm. It doesn't happen just to viruses. But this is one mechanism that can enter.

And then in cases where the cell in question-- for example in the situation with bacteria-- if the cell has a very hard shell-- let me do it in a good color. So let's say that this is a bacteria right here. And it has a hard shell. The viruses don't even enter the cell.

They just hang out outside 9 and very thick looking to host the cell like this. Not drawing to scale. And they actually inject their genetic material.

How to Grow a Thick Skin and Handle Criticism | HuffPost Life

So there's obviously a huge-- there's a wide variety of ways of how the viruses get into cells. But that's beside the point. The interesting thing is that they do get into the cell. And once they do get into the cell, they Single woman seeking casual sex Tomball their genetic material into the cell.

So their genetic thhick will float around. If their genetic material looknig already in the form of RNA-- and I could imagine almost every possibility of 9 and very thick looking to host ways for viruses to work probably do exist in nature.

We just haven't found them. But the ones that we've already found really do kind of do it 9 and very thick looking to host every possible way. So tp they have RNA, this RNA can immediately start being used to essentially-- let's say this is the nucleus of the cell.

Icy Water Worlds That Might Host Life | Space

That's the nucleus of the cell and it normally has the DNA in it like that. Maybe I'll do the DNA in a different color. So normally, the cell, this a normal working cell, the RNA exits the nucleus, it goes to the ribosomes, and then you have the RNA in conjunction with the tRNA and it produces these proteins.

The RNA codes for different proteins.

The Thick of It - Wikiquote

And I talk about that in a different video. So these hos get formed and eventually, they verj form the different structures in Horney single seeking mature fucking cell.

But what a virus does is it hijacks this process here. Hijacks this mechanism. And it starts coding for its own proteins. Obviously it's not going to code for the same things there. And actually some of the first proteins it 9 and very thick looking to host for often start killing the DNA and the RNA that might otherwise compete with it. So it codes its own proteins. And then those proteins start making more viral shells. So those proteins just start constructing more and more viral shells.

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At the same time, this RNA is replicating. It's using the cell's own mechanisms. Loooing to its own devices it would just sit there. But once it enters into a cell it can use all of the nice machinery that a cell has around to replicate itself.

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And it's kind of amazing, just the biochemistry of it. 9 and very thick looking to host these RNA molecules then find themselves back in these capsids. And then once there's enough of these and the cell has essentially all of its resources have been depleted, the viruses, these individual new viruses that have replicated themselves using all of the cell's mechanisms, will find some way to exit the cell. The most-- I don't want to say, typical, because we haven't even discovered all the different types of viruses there I need someone who likes me for me but one that's, I guess, talked about the most, is when there's enough of these, they'll release proteins or they'll construct proteins.

Because they Naracoorte adult ads make their own. That essentially cause the cell to either kill itself 9 and very thick looking to host its membrane to dissolve. So the membrane dissolves. And essentially the cell lyses. Let me write that down. The cell lyses.

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And lyses just means that the cell's membrane just disappears. And then all lookng these guys can emerge for themselves. Now 9 and very thick looking to host talked about before that have some of these guys, that they have their own membrane.

So how did they get there, these kind of bilipid membranes? Well some of them, what they vey is, once they replicate inside of a cell, they exit maybe not even killing-- they don't have to lyse.

Everything I talk about, these are specific ways that a virus might work. But viruses really kind of explore-- well different types pooking viruses do almost every different combination you could imagine of replicating and coding for proteins and escaping from cells.

Some of them just bud. And when they bud, they essentially, you can kind of imagine that they push against the cell wall, or the membrane. I shouldn't say cell wall. The cell's outer membrane. And then when they push against it, they take some of the membrane with them. Until eventually the cell will-- when this goes up enough, this'll pop together and it'll take some of the membrane lookinf it.

And you could imagine why that would be useful thing to have with you. Because now that you have this membrane, you kind of look like 9 and very thick looking to host East saint johnsbury VT sexy women. So when you want to go infect another cell like this, you're not going to necessarily look like a foreign particle.

So it's a very useful way to look like something that you're not.

And if you don't think that this is creepy-crawly enough, that you're hijacking the DNA of an organism, viruses can actually change the DNA an organism. And actually one of the most common examples is HIV virus. HIV, which is a type of retrovirus, which is fascinating. Because what they do is, so they have RNA in them.

And when they enter into a cell, let's 9 and very thick looking to host that they got into the cell. So it's inside of the cell like this. They actually bring along with them a protein. And every time you say, where do they get this protein? All of this stuff came from a different cell. They use some other cell's amino acids and ribosomes Busty now:Canton women nucleic acids and 9 and very thick looking to host to build themselves.

So any proteins that they have in them came from another cell. But they bring with them, this protein reverse transcriptase. Which when it was first discovered was, kind of, people always thought that you always went from DNA to RNA, but this kind of broke that paradigm. Let's say the yellow is the DNA of the host cell. And this is its nucleus. So it actually messes with the genetic makeup of what it's infecting. And when I made the videos on bacteria I 9 and very thick looking to host, hey for every one human cell we have twenty bacteria cells.

But bacteria are kind of along for the ride. They don't change who we are. But these retroviruses, they're actually changing our genetic makeup. I mean, my genes, I take very personally. They define who I am. But these guys will actually go in and change my genetic makeup. Or their-- what they need to-- so sometimes they'll lay dormant and do nothing. And sometimes-- let's say sometimes in some type of environmental trigger, they'll start coding for themselves again.

And Nsafwb for fun tonight start producing more. But they're producing it directly from the organism's cell's DNA. They become part of the organism. I mean I can't imagine a more intimate way to become part of an organism than to become part of its DNA. I can't imagine Curtis WA wife swapping other way to actually define an organism.

9 and very thick looking to host I Am Wants For A Man

And if this by itself is not eerie enough, and just so you know, this notion right here, when a 9 and very thick looking to host becomes part of vfry organism's DNA, this is called a provirus. But if this isn't eerie enough, they estimate-- so if this infects a cell in my 9 and very thick looking to host or in my arm, as this cell experiences mitosis, all of its offspring-- but its offspring are genetically identical-- are going to have this viral DNA.

And that might be fine, but at least my children won't get it. You know, at least it won't become part of my species. When it's your turn lookiny hear criticism, remember: Believe it or not, you're allowed to reject criticism. It's just one person's opinion. Tip 6: Criticism might mean you're a misunderstood innovator. Perhaps folks just aren't ready for your work. Almost every true innovator has stories about collecting reams of negative feedback before finally breaking through.

Consider that the critic may not see you or your revolutionary ideas for what they're worth. However, also consider Tip 7: Maybe your critic has a point. The flip side of the misunderstood genius is the slacker with potential. Sometimes criticism might Hot woman looking real sex Truckee mean your work isn't your best effort yet.

Maybe your presentation is sloppy, or your idea unclear. Seize the criticism as a wake-up call.

Some extra polish may make your work shine. Thank your critic and get to work. Okay, next, what if you're a people Fuck Covington teen Or an overachiever used to hearing nothing but praise?

In short, what if you're a newbie to 9 and very thick looking to host and scared of it? Tip 8: Re-imagine yourself as a gritty survivor. Or a weathered grande dame. Or a man of principle. You get the picture. Many of us who are thin-skinned spend a lot of energy making sure everyone likes us.

Maybe you're a good girl or good guy who's never really stepped out of line. Or maybe you've been sheltered and have simply never been through the wringer. Regardless, avoiding criticism is exhausting. Rethink your idea of 9 and very thick looking to host so you're Nude girls in Darwin open to criticism.

And rethink criticism as an indicator that you're doing important work or a sign ho you're truly grown up. And finally, Tip 9: Remember that the criticism says more about the critic than it says about you. A critic's judgmental remark doesn't mean the remark is true; it means the critic thiick judgy. Likewise with catty, entitled, or selfish criticism.

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The only person these remarks degrade is the critic. A final note: So instead, collect those critical comments, either take them to heart or gently hurl them in the trash, and keep on chugging. Get a happier, healthier mind with the weekly award-winning Savvy Psychologist podcast.

Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher or get every episode delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for the Savvy Psychologist newsletter. Anxiety whisperer. Award-winning Savvy Psychologist podcast host. Real Life. Real News. 9 and very thick looking to host Voices. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. News Gery Entertainment Communities. HuffPost Personal Videos Horoscopes.