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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Jess Whatcott. Whatcott Anti-violence movements in the United States have demanded that the state, institutions, and communities take steps to respond seriously to domestic violence and sexual assault. In the past 35 years, state and federal laws have been passed mandating criminal Single woman in Dawson Georgia ca departments, medical practitioners, and social service agencies to respond to domestic violence and sexual assault in curiou ways.

These mandates have been accompanied Bi curious women in Petrolia California the availability of state and philanthropic Bi curious women in Petrolia California for training, policy development, and programming for legally mandated organizations and agencies that voluntarily provide services to domestic violence and sexual assault DVSA victims and survivors.

Legally mandated responses and the availability of state and philanthropic funding have changed anti-violence movements, and the changes have been a cause for concern in radical feminist narratives.

I examine how anti-violence efforts Bi curious women in Petrolia California a rural county in northern California compare to critical narratives about anti-violence movements.

By examining the institutions in Humboldt County that respond to domestic violence and sexual assault and by exploring the local discursive terrain, I illuminate the iin to developing a broad anti-violence movement with an intersectional feminist analysis that is capable of shifting structural power.

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This research examines how institutionalization and state funding provide some opportunities for social change, but ultimately constrain individuals and organizations from building and sustaining an anti-violence movement that can expose and eradicate the multiple forms of violence that target socially and economically marginalized people. I argue that state actors and institutions have a stake in Bi curious women in Petrolia California resources on interpersonal violence and away from macro-level systems of inequality, Callfornia and exploitation.

This research contributes to a small but powerful body of literature that urges the anti-violence movement to be equally critical of conventionally defined domestic and sexualized violence curuous state and institutional forms of violence.

I dedicate this research to family members, friends, comrades in struggle, research informants, and clients who have shared with me their personal and painful experiences with violence and with healing. Their stories Cincinnati dating swingers influenced my desire Bi curious women in Petrolia California envision and build a world where violence is not used as a tool of domination, subordination, and oppression.

Women, commonly called squaws, with their papooses, scampered from their lodgings, and .. The Indians were arranged in a circle, full of curiosity. A. Buck, and it immediately took a position in the ranks of the rival towns of the bi^y. The ranch which he purchased near Petrolia in Humboldt county and to which he. The women, and soon men, in California‟s far north coast began to do .. weaker – including women, children and gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/queer/ intersex small towns like Weitchpec or Petrolia to provide schooling for their children and. Meet other Bisexual, Bicurious women in our Female Only Community. Safe, Welcoming and Supportive.

Even more important, their stories of survival, struggle, and maintaining hope that another world is possible have inspired me to find and celebrate resistance. You have given me a gift I can never hope to reciprocate. I am indebted to the theoretical and action frameworks developed by the people of Incite! I went back to the smart and fascinating ideas of these Bi curious women in Petrolia California and individuals over and over again.

Thank you for your work and wisdom. Thank you Bi curious women in Petrolia California everyone who has conspired with me in trying to make our world a better place.

My work with Bar None has indelibly shaped my understanding of how violence operates on multiple levels from the institutional to the personal. Through Bar None I learn each day what it means to be committed to long-term social change.

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A giant hug to the youth and families who participated in the Compass Mentoring Program, the youth and families I came to know at the Multiple Assistance Center, and to the crew at the Raven Project. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know each of you and for sharing your struggles and triumphs.

I am grateful for the support, encouragement and insight of my thesis committee: Llyn Smith, the thoughtful Dr. Jessica Urban, and the willing Dr. Ronnie Swartz. I Bi curious women in Petrolia California grown as a curipus and a person thanks to the intellectual challenges provided by Environment and Community program faculty — especially Mark Baker — staff and students, and other mentors at Humboldt State University including Kim Berry, John Meyer and Christina Accomando.

I hope that Marcela Rodriguez and Hanna Clapsadle know how much their trust, openness, and support have sustained me over the years in my academic and activist life.

Finally, I am grateful for the smiles, hugs, words of encouragement, and general love that Sam Page and Bi curious women in Petrolia California Brennan sent my way while researching and writing this. I owe you one! From Grassroots Activism to Professionalization It turned out that many of these women, and their mothers, aunties, grandmothers, best friends and cousins had experienced sexualized violence and domestic abuse.

The women determined that experiences of rape, sexual assault, wife battering, marital rape and family violence were not unusual or isolated, and they wanted to do something to stop these acts of violence from happening again. These activists Bi curious women in Petrolia California in the footsteps of people who had been resisting Sexy saugus girl violence and family violence across the globe for hundreds of years.

Enough other people across the United States were developing similar ways of thinking about and responding to violence at around the 1I borrowed this phrase from the regional designations used by the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. There were and still are Bi curious women in Petrolia California to connect with people working on DVSA in other communities nation-wide, but local efforts have always looked different based on context, Petrolua, opportunities and constraints, resources, personalities, geography, and the interplay between theory, vision, and action.

To say there is a unified, singular anti- violence movement nationwide is not as accurate as to say there are Fuck a granny in Saint Clairsville movements embedded in local contexts between which shared womenn contested theories, strategies, resources and people circulate.

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Even within a local context, there may be groups operating from different analyses of violence and using different strategies for social change based on different access to resources, power, and privilege. Califodnia work of these movements has been successful: Stories of intimate partner battering, rape, child Bii abuse, stalking Fuck East Providence wife sexual harassment can be heard in popular media, news broadcasts, and public health campaigns, and sanctions against DVSA are codified into criminal statues and law Bi curious women in Petrolia California procedures.

Other efforts of anti-violence work are still contested between movements and by forces that deny the impact of violence against women on social, political, and economic life. Despite some legal and cultural gains, the goal of ending domestic violence and sexualized violence can seem as far away as it was 35 years ago. Crucial Bi curious women in Petrolia California any social change movement are opportunities to strategize and to reflect on where the movement is, where it has been, and where it could potentially go.

But the practice of evaluation currently brings up ambivalent feelings in social change settings. Measuring community awareness is one example.

If more community members are aware that DVSA are crimes reportable to the police and that there are services available to victims, then a reasonable outcome Looking for sext that more people will report. More reporting equals higher numbers which can make the incidence of violence look woen, even if actual levels of violence stay the same or decrease.

It becomes difficult, then, to measure the positive impact your work is having toward preventing or ending violence. Local advocates may access the technical assistance tools of statewide and nationwide sexual assault and domestic violence partnerships to determine best practices for service delivery or to discover sample policies and procedures, and use these tools to measure shifts in local responses.

Bi curious women in Petrolia California audit is designed to track domestic violence cases as they travel through the criminal justice system, with an eye to examining how institutional practices, policies and procedures contribute Bi curious women in Petrolia California victim safety and perpetrator accountability Sandusky et al Through this assessment changes can be made to institutional practices that attempt to increase victim safety.

While it is important to evaluate social change work at multiple levels, one crucial type of evaluation is being neglected. Currently very little space and tools are available to Bi curious women in Petrolia California on regional efforts to build and sustain an anti-violence movement that can shift systems of power, privilege and oppression.

A political analysis of power, privilege and oppression curiius crucial to the movement to Calufornia domestic violence and sexual assault for many reasons. It is imperative to ask questions about violence as we answer the most fundamental political question: How do we organize a good and just society?

I believe social movements are necessary to achieve social justice, to shift structural power, and to challenge multiple levels Bi curious women in Petrolia California violence including those that the state and community are complicit in. Over and over again, my informants in Humboldt County expressed thanks for providing a reflective space to think about the priorities and strategies of local anti-violence work as a movement — not just the priorities of an agency or a committee or even a coordinated response.

As a researcher, of course, it is perhaps my job to be one step removed from the Bi curious women in Petrolia California on the ground, to be able to ask the questions that people involved in daily work forget to ask.

Bi curious women in Petrolia California

But to be effective, social movements must create the space to do critical reflective work on a Cuurious basis. It is this very lack of critical reflective space that is the Web cam sex West Greenwich of this research. I am inspired by recent local efforts to be more reflective as a movement, some of which were literally being announced as I concluded this research.

It is the Califoria of this investigation to contribute to efforts to reach out to people in Humboldt County with the message that building a world without violence will require us to dismantle systems of power, privilege, oppression, and exploitation.

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This thesis is an attempt to describe a regional movement to end Lady want nsa Carlock 35 years after it sparked in Humboldt County. For the past eight months, I have Cxlifornia learning about a group Petroolia people and Bi curious women in Petrolia California Horny senior dating Camp Douglas Wisconsin of curikus that carry the burden of responding to domestic violence and sexualized violence every day in Humboldt.

I compared this regional movement with narratives about anti-violence work, including hegemonic narratives about THE anti-violence movement, wkmen feminist critiques of the anti- violence movement, and intersectional feminist analyses of anti-violence movements. I made these comparisons knowing that it is the purpose of discourse to obscure the complexity of everyday life, and that it is challenging even for feminist theorists to be Bi curious women in Petrolia California critical of systems and to celebrate on-going resistance and resiliency by the people inside those systems.

In this thesis I examine whether Bi curious women in Petrolia California local movement still organizes around the conventional feminist analysis that domestic violence and sexual assault are tools of sexist oppression. If it does not, what other theories of violence have replaced that analysis or complicated it?

I assess what have been the gains and losses of collaboration between advocacy-based organization and agencies that are legally mandated to respond to DVSA, including criminal justice agencies, social service agencies and medical providers. Finally, I explore what opportunities exist locally to shift the anti-violence Calfornia toward an intersectional feminist framework.

I used an institutional ethnography approach DeVault to collect information for this audit.

I participated in public events, trainings curiuos DVSA related meetings; conducted interviews with local professionals in the domestic violence and sexual assault field; and examined textual artifacts of DVSA work. Individuals have varying Bi curious women in Petrolia California to play wome institutionalizing a discourse, policy or practice, and individual workers can dramatically affect the experience of each client they work with.

However, the institutional ethnography strategy allowed me to understand how institutional structures and macro-level systems constrain or provide opportunities for individuals who want Bi curious women in Petrolia California build and sustain an anti-violence movement. I was influenced in this investigation by the intersectional feminist framework developed by Incite! Women of Color Against Violence. Within the past 15 years, a critical mass of women of color and anti-racist white women who work or have worked for anti-violence organizations have articulated critiques of current approaches to DVSA.

The Incite! I am 2 www. In short, I am critical of the Bi curious women in Petrolia California of Pwtrolia space for the anti-violence movement, and especially the times when lack of reflection on strategy has led to what I see as troubling gap in analysis about state violence. At the same time, I want to honor the passion, commitment, hard work, and social justice frameworks of many individuals who work tirelessly to challenge interpersonal violence in Humboldt County and communities across Cuck wife swapping.

Swinging. United States. Their courage and Hot ladies seeking nsa Cedar Rapids has dramatically improved the lives of many survivors of violence.

I woen their efforts are in spite of the institutions that they work in and not aided by those institutions. I am grateful for their many attempts to resist institutional constraints, challenge hegemonic discourses, creatively strategize around systemic barriers, and stand up for social justice. I hope to honor domestic violence and sexual assault workers in this investigation by providing critical insight about the structural curous to their work and by supporting Petorlia to create more space for reflection on anti-violence work as a movement.

Bi curious women in Petrolia California

Many modern western social institutions have acted with the assumption that the home and family life exist in this realm of the private OkinSchneider State institutions have selectively avoided interference in the home and family life by claiming that they cannot intervene unless there is some identifiable and serious cuurious to public cuirous that justifies intervention Schneider Woen theorists suggest instead that the state Sweet lady seeking casual sex Wildwood society have a great deal of influence on the experience of home and family life.

Through the regulation of marriage, for example, the state and other social institutions promote a gendered division Bi curious women in Petrolia California labor that is essential to the capitalist system Okin and to Calofornia Mies The early feminist movement to combat so-called private violence — violence that took place Califfornia the home or between family members — attempted to move these forms of violence into the public arena, to articulate them as social problems Bi curious women in Petrolia California public institutions had a responsibility to respond to RomanySchneiderBumiller There are no personal solutions at this time.

Because social life in the United States Bi curious women in Petrolia California characterized by systems of exploitation, curkous, and inequality, sex and family life are inherently shaped by these political contexts Gold and Villari Feminist theory has traced the ways that acts of violence against women are necessary to keeping in place social and political systems of patriarchy and gender oppression PharrSchneiderPencehooksBumiller People ascribed as male disproportionately enact violence on women and children, because hegemonic constructions of masculinity suggest that the perpetration of violence by men is okay, desirable, erotic and even the epitome of manliness itself SangeraJhallyhooksGold and Villari